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- Are you tired of browsing fonts on Internet site by site? The solution is in FontNet Explorer
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1 July 2007

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Designing great looking websites and forums is a daunting task for even the most talented creative artists too due to the intricacies involved and painstaking efforts the job entails. Depicting various business details creatively and artistically requires stunning looking and attractive fonts that fascinates the reader and is pleasing to the eye too. Further, the time consumption factor is an important consideration too involving the task of browsing through multiple sites like, and looking for that perfect font style that would make your text standout in the crowd. FontNet Explorer 1.1 is specially designed to simplify this process and make it more effective.

FontNet Explorer opens with an organized and neatly arranged interface with the main options placed at the top panel and the intuitive interface allows simple yet effective navigation. The software includes all major font search engines and web pages and the said list is always open to welcome any suggestions from its users. The search process is immensely simple with the user only requiring to enter the font name he wishes to find and press the search tab and relax, the software will display all the explored sites in a new tab and user can simply scan through. Moreover, the software does not require any special plug-ins or external hardware and only needs a good internet connection to facilitate impressive performance. Furthermore, the site also does not require any installation, the user is only required to unzip the file and run the software FontNet Explorer.exe from the hard drive or any other medium.

FontNet Explorer 1.1 promises a sure shot solution to font searching woes and enhances the designing experience for all, and hence it gets a rating score of four points for its time saving quality and user friendly functionality.

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- Are you tired of browsing fonts on Internet site by site? The solution is in FontNet Explorer. This software is specially designed to make this searching less painful. All relevant font sites and font search engines are included in program (list is always open - your suggestions about good font sites are welcomed).
Enter font name you want to find, press Search button and wait for results. Every explored site will be displayed in new tab. You can stop search whenever you want or skip particular site during the search process.
- FontNet Explorer hasn't got special hardware or software requirements, but good internet connection is preferable. Better connection - faster results. The program is tested on 53Kbps and 1,8Mbps speed connection and difference is quite obvious, but it works on slower connections. At lest, you don't have to browse manually each site.
- FontNet Explorer doesn't require installation. Unpack zip file and run FontNet Explorer.exe from your hard drive, CD, DVD or any other removable drive.
FontNet Explorer
FontNet Explorer
Version 1.1
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